Thank you for buying JAEP Christmas cards

Thank you for buying JAEP Christmas cards in 2020

We're thrilled that card sales for 2020 are £2460

Two of our designs sold out

Online orders are still very welcome.

We will have more new designs for Christmas 2021

JAEP Autumn 2020 Newsletter

JAEP Autumn 2020 Newsletter has been published!

The two topics are:

JAEP scholarship allocation for 2020-2021
JAEP Christmas Cards

JAEP Scholarships for 2020-2021

Group February 2020

JAEP scholarship for 2020-2021

September is the time of year when we allocate funding to young people living in Dheisheh Palestinian Refugee Camp, Bethlehem to study at their local universities. We often refer to this as the harvest of our year. The acute need to support students was starker this year (the situation has been impacted by Covid-19 as well as the deteriorating economic and political situation).

Christmas cards for 2020

Candle from Bethlehem

A question we are often asked is how can we help? Standing orders are of course always welcome.

Another very practical way you can help is to buy our Christmas cards or greeting cards.

We began selling cards in 2014 and to date we have sold over 37,000 individual cards.

For the sixth successive year JAEP has produced Christmas cards.

The cards (5.25 inches square) are £5 for a pack of ten cards of the same design with envelopes.
The message inside the card is Peace at Christmas.

JAEP has received a further legacy of £75,000 in May

JAEP is thrilled to announce we have received a further legacy of £75,000 during May
We are immensely appreciative of this wonderful gift which enables us to fund even more young people living in Dheisheh Camp from September 2020

Spring 2020 Newsletter

The Spring 2020 Newsletter includes JAEP recent achievements, a report of the recent JAEP visit to spend time with our students, the impact of JAEP funding for the beneficiaries.

The picture Left to Right, Anne, Wala (Final year Pharmacy), Liz is taken at Al Quds University February 2020.

In these extraordinary times thank you very much for your continued support.

JAEP Trustees visited Al Quds University and Dheisheh Camp in February 2020

Anne Aves (Chair) and Liz Magem (Secretary) returned to Al Quds University and Dheisheh Camp last month
From 23 - 26 February we spent time with JAEP seventeen current students and their staff at Al Quds University
From 27 February - 2 March in Dheisheh Camp we spent more time with JAEP current and past students.
When in Dheisheh we also spent time with JAEP students at Bethlehem University

Attached a report of our visit

The Spring 2020 Newsletter includes a summary of this report

Eastern Daily Press, East Anglian and Norwich Evening article by Derek James

Thank you to Derek James for writing an article for both Norfolk and Suffolk local newspapers. Perfect timing for Christmas.

December 2019 News

Our Christmas cards sold out!
We have sold Christmas cards for five years and have raised £5900. This amount has funded six years of study
We received donations from a number of organisations in December:
Attleborough Parish Church
Aylsham Quaker Meeting
Felbrigg Parish Church
St. John's Timberhill Norwich

Scholarships for 2019/2020 awarded


We are pleased to announce that we have awarded scholarships to:
Eight young people living in Dheisheh and studying at Al Quds University;six girls and 2 boys, the subjects are: Dentistry (1), Medicine (2) Midwifery (2) Nursing (3)
Two young people living in Dheisheh and studying at Bethlehem University; two girls, the subjects are: Accountancy and Nursing

JAEP has now funded forty one young people to gain an undergraduate degree.
We are pleased to continue our work with Al Quds University and to re-establish our link with Bethlehem University.


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