Fund raising evening, 7th June 2013 Bishops Garden & Granary Court

Thank you to our patron, Bishop Graham and his wife for kindly opening their garden and offering us Granary Court for our fundraising evening. Over 100 people listened to Ben Bradshaw MP and Bishop Graham spent time in conversation about the Middle East covering a wide range of topics, from the impact of the current Middle East situation on the lives of Palestinians and especially those in the camps. Both spoke knowledgeably about the area and their fears for the future, for example the continued growth of settlements.

Anne returned to Dheisheh, Al Quds University in April 2013

Photos taken in Dheisheh, Al Quds April 2013

The purpose of the visit was to spend time with the tutors at Al Quds and Bethlehem university that I had met in November 2011, to meet the students we’re currently sponsoring. For part of my visit I stayed in IBDAA within Dheisheh. I also filmed around Dheisheh and Al Quds University so we could prepare a video to upload to the website and also show during fundraising events.

Are you in need of a challenge that helps to change the lives of so many young people?

Please continue to support us with your feedback and financial help. Because we offer sponsorship over a period of years we have to ensure we have sufficient funds to cover this entire period. We are especially looking to have more regular donors and even £3 a month will make a positive difference. Typical University tuition fees for one year in the Holy Land are £1,000.

We still wish to co-opt onto our committee a person who can lead our fundraising. Of course the more funds we can secure then the more young students we can support.

Newsletter 2: March 2012

We continue to fund two students from Bethlehem University. Maysa Shomali from Beit Sahour near Bethlehem, who is in her 3rd year, studying Education. Jane Matar from Beit-Jala in Bethlehem, who is in her 3rd year studying Business Administration.

In November 2011 Anne returned to Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Anne, Jane and Maysa at Bethlehem University, 11 November 2011

Prior to the visit, project member Samia Tabari had made contacts with Said Foundation scholars at Bethlehem and Al Quds (Arabic for Jerusalem) universities. These links with teaching staff gave the project added credibility. There was much conversation about the difference in teaching and learning in our two countries informed by their time spent in the UK studying for a PhD. As someone who has spent 25 years in education we had lots of experiences to share, Anne has built on these conversations since her return and also the invitation to return to teach at Al Quds University!

More information about Bahaa's time in US.

In the summer of 2011 Bahaa spent time in Washington DC. He was one of 10 young people chosen each year as part of a New Story Leadership programme. Founded by Paul Costello an Australian educationalist, the purpose is to find future Palestinian and Israeli leaders and offer them a transformative and challenging experience in Washington DC so that when they return home they are more committed and prepared than ever to shape a better future. Bahaa was allocated to spend time with Donald Payne a Democrat and the first New Jersey African American to be elected to the US Congress in 1988.

News from Bahaa

An extract from a recent email from Bahaa:

"It has been such a long time we haven't been in touch. I am so sorry for not replying your last email as I was really busy with exams and I had to prepare for 5 exams in a very short time. All my time since Easter break was at the library till I finished my exams this week. I am back to life now!

First Newsletter July 2011

Bahaa in Washington

This is our first Newsletter which I hope you will enjoy reading. The committee felt that we should keep our supporters in touch during the year rather than just at our annual event in the Autumn. Please let us know if you find this helpful as we are unsure at present how many to do each year. Initially perhaps twice a year? The Newsletter includes developments of a closer relationship with Norfolk YMCA, an update on Bahaa’s progress at his University in London as well as our plans to support more students in the Holy Land.


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