July 2011 - Highlights of the year have been ...

Sponsoring two students from Bethlehem University who without our financial support would have to leave university. They are Maysa Shomali from Beit Sahour near Bethlehem, who is in her 3rd year, studying Education. Jane Matar from Beit- Jala in Bethlehem, who is in her 3rd year studying Business Administration.

Newsletter 1: July 2011

This is our first Newsletter which I hope you will enjoy reading. The committee felt that we should keep our supporters in touch during the year rather than just at our annual event in the Autumn. Please let us know if you find this helpful as we are unsure at present how many to do each year. Initially perhaps twice a year?

One Family's Mission of Hope - June 2009, Eastern Daily Press

"Charismatic Norfolk cleric John Aves found his calling in a Palestinian refugee camp. Now, five years after his death, his family are ensuring his legacy of hope endures as a memorial to his faith."

Rachel Buller, Eastern Daily Press, Sunday 20 June 2009.


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