Newsletter 2: March 2012

We continue to fund two students from Bethlehem University. Maysa Shomali from Beit Sahour near Bethlehem, who is in her 3rd year, studying Education. Jane Matar from Beit-Jala in Bethlehem, who is in her 3rd year studying Business Administration.

Marion Dawe has joined our committee. Marion represents the Norfolk YMCA on our Committee. Marion knew John Aves as the rector at St Mary's Attleborough. ‘As with all who knew John we were shocked and saddened by his death but delighted to know that through the hard work of the John Aves Educational Project, disadvantaged young people were being helped in Palestine. It seems to be a very fitting legacy.' She was delighted to be asked as part of the work of the YMCA to join the John Aves group to represent the YMCA, She is by profession a teacher and knows of the liberating influence of education.

Samia Tabari joined us just prior to the last newsletter but here is a little more information about her. Samia is a social development consultant based in Norwich. Samia is a Palestinian born in Lebanon and has been in the UK since 2003. She remains involved in development projects in the region, with a focus on women, children and refugees. She retains useful connections to the Middle East and speaks Arabic. Samia offers valuable advice and insights when we decide on the appropriateness of funding applicants.

Our new website is almost complete. We hope to update supporters regularly and encourage new support.

We have designed an Application Form for students to complete when requesting grants. This provides the JAEP with ample background information and ensures that your valuable financial support reaches the right students.

Anne Aves visit to Dheisheh Camp. More on this later in the newsletter.

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