In November 2011 Anne returned to Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Anne, Jane and Maysa at Bethlehem University, 11 November 2011

Prior to the visit, project member Samia Tabari had made contacts with Said Foundation scholars at Bethlehem and Al Quds (Arabic for Jerusalem) universities. These links with teaching staff gave the project added credibility. There was much conversation about the difference in teaching and learning in our two countries informed by their time spent in the UK studying for a PhD. As someone who has spent 25 years in education we had lots of experiences to share, Anne has built on these conversations since her return and also the invitation to return to teach at Al Quds University!

At Bethlehem University, Anne met with Bro Jack Curran (Vice President of Development), Jane Matur and Maysa Shomali, (the two young people the project is currently funding), other students, and teaching staff.

At Al Quds University again there were meetings with both staff and students, including with the student financial support team to discuss our plans and application form. We spoke of our aim to sponsor young people from Dheisheh camp who attend IBDAA. Bahaa had been at student at Al Quds.

Anne also went to Dheisheh Camp and the home of Bahaa's parents. His parents and siblings enjoyed hearing the stories of Bahaa's time in Norwich. Anne enjoyed a delicious pre Eid celebration meal with all the family and left with promises to return soon.

Time was also spent in IBDAA meeting again with staff including the director, who had worked closely with John, hearing about developments and also their desire and determination to keep in touch with us.

As Khalid Al-Saifi the director and cofounder of IBDAA said
"Some people you know all your life and when they die, you forget them in a day. Some people you know for a very short time, but you remember them forever, that was Father John"