Newsletter 1: July 2011

This is our first Newsletter which I hope you will enjoy reading. The committee felt that we should keep our supporters in touch during the year rather than just at our annual event in the Autumn. Please let us know if you find this helpful as we are unsure at present how many to do each year. Initially perhaps twice a year?

The Newsletter includes developments of a closer relationship with Norfolk YMCA, an update on Bahaa's progress at his University in London as well as our plans to support more students in the Holy Land. We are also wishing to co-opt onto our committee a person who can lead our fundraising. Of course the more funds we can secure then the more young students we can support. Bahaa is a wonderful example of how our focused support has the potential to make a significant difference to lives in the Middle East. Even though we no longer offer Bahaa ongoing financial support we have paid to him an award of £500 in recognition of his excellent achievements and he remains one of our greatest ambassadors.