News from Bahaa

An extract from a recent email from Bahaa:

"It has been such a long time we haven't been in touch. I am so sorry for not replying your last email as I was really busy with exams and I had to prepare for 5 exams in a very short time. All my time since Easter break was at the library till I finished my exams this week. I am back to life now!

I miss talking to you and I have lots to tell you about my first year in London; it's been a great one but very challenging and demanding. I have also great plans for this summer; I have a surprise for you! I got accepted for an internship to volunteer at the American Congress in DC. this summer for 2 months! I am going to work with congressmen and I am also going to cover congressional session on the Middle East as a young Palestinian journalist. I am going to be very close to the decision-making process at Capitol Hill, which is going to be a great experience for me. I am sure this is great news for you as well.

I would like also to hear how it has been going with students at Bethlehem University when we meet. I am looking forward to hear about them and about the project and to see how I can help. It would be great if I can get their email addresses or phone numbers so I can see them when I am home."

I know that Bahaa will be using most of his £500 towards a suit and shirts as he is expected to speak to a group of Congressmen about his ‘young persons' perspective of the Middle East. Quite some progress so let's make sure we have even more students to support. Your financial support will enable this to happen and thank you so much for support in the past.