Anne stays at Al Quds University and Dheisheh Camp from 1 to 12 November 2014

Anne with Amal one of the students JAEP is supporting at Al Quds University

Anne returned to Al Quds University and Dheisheh Palestinian Refugee Camp from 1 to 12 November 2014. For this visit Anne stayed at both locations. The journey from Dheisheh Camp in Bethlehem to Al Quds University in Abu Dis a village on the outskirts of Jerusalem involves passing a checkpoint which means journey time is unpredictable. This meant Anne could spend more time with the young people we are financially supporting. During the time at Al Quds University, Anne joined the young people for their classes and meet their tutors. Meetings were also held with Head of Education, and teachers from this department, The President of the University and Heads of Faculty. There were many extremely interesting conversations about teaching, learning and assessment and how the university is redesigning its curriculum to encourage more independent learning from the students. 

During the time at Dheisheh, Anne spent more time with the young people, visiting their families, hearing their very humbling stories and enjoying incredible hospitatlity