July 2011 - Highlights of the year have been ...

Sponsoring two students from Bethlehem University who without our financial support would have to leave university. They are Maysa Shomali from Beit Sahour near Bethlehem, who is in her 3rd year, studying Education. Jane Matar from Beit- Jala in Bethlehem, who is in her 3rd year studying Business Administration.

John Drake working hard to secure two new students for sponsorship from the Dheisheh Camp. Currently the pupils are at the UN high school in the camp and wish to attend one of the universities in Bethlehem from September 2011. The sponsorship will be for up to £1000 per year for up to four years per student. The selection criteria ensures that these students would otherwise have been unable to continue with their studies from lack of funds. Bahaa is currently at home in Dheisheh for a few days and is reporting to us on the credentials of the applicants.

The Committee has recently agreed a written Constitution for the John Aves Project with YMCA Norfolk with whom we have finalised a long-term working relationship. Our connection with the YMCA is important in many ways. It will help us in our work in the Middle East and provides an internationally known organizational back-up. It also absolves us from forming a separate Charity and YMCA Norfolk can now claim to have an initiative in the Middle East. We shall abide by the policies and procedures of the YMCA and the relationship assists in our intention that administration costs are at an absolute minimum. We shall be co-opting at least one Trustee of the YMCA onto our committee.

We are working on a website where we hope to update supporters regularly and encourage new support. More on all these issues in the next newsletter.

Please continue to support us with your feedback and financial help. Because we offer sponsorship over a period of years we have to ensure we have sufficient funds to cover this entire period. We are especially looking to have more regular donors and even £3 a month will make a positive difference.