Khalil Nursing

Video filmed in IBDAA within Dheisheh Camp in November 2014

Khalil is in the fourth year of a nursing degree. He describes how he choose nursing because of his love of helping sick people & also that there are many career options unlike more traditional subjects

Khalil talks of Al Quds university being willing to accept boys to study nursing whereas Bethlehem University is more reluctant. Prior to studying nursing he volunteered in local hospitals

Khalil describes the unpredictableness of his journey to the university because of the checkpoints. Classes start at 8am which means students have to leave Dheisheh by 7am to reach the university in time, earlier if if they have an exam at 8am

Khalil joins his father to work in the construction in the holidays and sometimes during the term to have enough money to pay his university fees.

JAEP funding has meant he has been able to just work in the holidays rather than breaking his study by working in term time

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