Rasha Biology

Filmed at IBDAA in Dheisheh November 2014

Rasha is in her third and final year studying biology at Bards College based at Al Quds University. She chose to study at Bards because they have a US system, i.e. the student study a major subject and then select a number of minors.

Rasha has enjoyed for example Politics and Media and feels the structure of the course has enabled her to extend her knowledge. After her degree she plans to study for a master in bio-diversity, and is especially interested in the impact of politics on environmental issues

We spoke about the impact of checkpoints on the travel back and forwards to the university. Rasha said when they are stopped everyone starts talking and they become friends. (On any journeys I made no one speaks)

I asked Rasha why she thought we were funding more girls than boys, her response we live in a 'mans world' and they are more opportunities for boys so girls always respond when they have a chance for them too



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