JAEP celebrates 10 years

Derek James writes 'How Father John's legacy continues in Jerusalem. John had been on a three-month sabbatical with a Quaker organization helping vulnerable communities, monitoring and reporting human rights issues. He had told me at the time: “Imagine living in Wymondham and not being allowed to go to school or work in Norwich. Just imagine.”

Within his role he found he had the opportunity to live and volunteer in Dheisheh Palestinian Refugee Camp, the largest of the three camps in Bethlehem with more than 13,000 residents of whom half are under aged under 24.

He made a huge impact with the local people and just before coming home he spoke of returning and was brimming with plans and ideas on how to improve life for the young people by helping to give them an education.

Thanks to Anne, Ben and Ed, the YMCA, and their many supporters – including the Bishop of Norwich, the Rt Rev Graham James - ten years ago the John Aves Education Project was established and to date it has raised more than £113,000 and helped to pay for 22 young people to get a university degree.'

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