JAEP trustees returned to Dheisheh and Al Quds University

A street in Dheisheh
Al Quds University

Anne Aves (JAEP Chair)has just returned from her seventh visit to Dheisheh from 28 October to 7 November 2017. Joining her were another trustee, a member of Norwich Cathedral, and a JAEP benefactor. The purpose of our visit was to spend time with JAEP students, their families and the teaching staff at Al Quds University. We divided our time between Dheisheh and the university. At the university the group joined the young people for some of their classes, spoke to their tutors and reviewed their assessed work.  Included in the visit were meetings with our Al Quds University link person in their International Aid Department Meetings were be held with curriculum heads to widen the awareness of JAEP scholarship. Whilst in Dheisheh we visited the young people JAEP is / has sponsored in their homes. 

We spent time with the eleven current JAEP students and also with a number of past students