Eighth visit to Dheisheh and Al Quds University 3 - 13 November 2018

The JAEP Chair, Anne Aves has just returned from her eighth visit to Dheisheh Camp and Al Quds University. Liz Magem JAEP secretary joined Anne. As in previous visits, for the first half of the visit we spent time with current students at Al Quds University, joining them for their classes and meeting their tutors.

It is very pleasing to report that our selection process is working well, all fourteen current students are hard working and achieving high grades. All tutors confirmed this and also that young people from camps achieve higher degree classifications than some of their peers.

For the second half of the visit we stayed in Ibdaa Cultural Centrer within Dheisheh Camp spending more time with both past and current JAEP young people and also met some of their families.