JAEP Scholarships for 2020-2021

Group February 2020

JAEP scholarship for 2020-2021

September is the time of year when we allocate funding to young people living in Dheisheh Palestinian Refugee Camp, Bethlehem to study at their local universities. We often refer to this as the harvest of our year. The acute need to support students was starker this year (the situation has been impacted by Covid-19 as well as the deteriorating economic and political situation).

Our scholarship allocations in previous years have been informed by conversations at Dheisheh and the universities both of whom recommend that the JAEP scholarship funds the majority of the tuition fees but not all. The young person has always been encouraged to find more than one source of funding and for their families to contribute. The deteriorating situation has made both these harder to achieve, with the result that some of the students have accumulated tuition fee debts. Students have to clear the debt before they can graduate.

For 2020-2021 we have revisited our previous funding allocations and helped the students pay these debts, revisited (increased) the funding for some of our current scholars, and increased our funding for new students.

We continue to fund each student for the duration of their course. The duration ranges from four years for the majority of courses to six years for medicine. The tuition fees per academic year range from £4288 for medicine to £1788 for nursing.

The increase in funding allocated has been made possible because of the generous support we have received from many supporters. JAEP is fortunate that our income has not been adversely impacted by Covid-19.

For 2020-2021 JAEP has allocated 16 new scholarships as follows:

Al Quds University (13; 9 Females and 4 Males):

Below is a list of the subjects being studied. The brackets following the subject indicate more than one student is studying the subject, eg two students are studying Business Administration(2)

Business Administration(2), Midwifery(2), Industrial Engineering, Dentistry(2), Nursing(2), Electrical Engineering, Banking and Financial Science, Medicine(2)

Bethlehem University (3; 2 Females and 1 Male):

Midwifery, Sociology, Software Engineering

For 2020-2021 JAEP is continuing to support 14 students

Al Quds University (13; 11 Females and 2 Males):

Dentistry(2), Nursing(3), Midwifery(2), Medicine(2 ), Architectural Engineering, Bio Chemistry, Pharmacy, Electrical Engineering

Bethlehem University 1 student studying Accountancy

July 2020 Graduating students

At Al Quds University three JAEP scholars graduated in July 2020, in Dentistry (82% Evaluation Good), Medicine (81.9% Evaluation Good), Pharmacy (90.9% Evaluation Excellent). All three are currently pursuing post graduate qualifications.

In summary

For the academic year 2020-2021 JAEP is providing scholarships to thirty young people living in Dheisheh to continue their undergraduate study.

To date JAEP has awarded scholarships to fifty-seven young people, (Forty-three females and fourteen males).

In 2018-2019 we offered scholarships to five students, in 2020-2021 to sixteen students an increase in scholarships awarded from 2018 to 2020 of 69%.

Currently students are being taught online. Studying at home is extremely challenging in Dheisheh, with cramped conditions, unpredictable electricity supply and in winter it is cold and wet. There are cases of Covid-19 in the camp.

The continuing pandemic and current lockdown in both Israel and the Palestinian Occupied Territories mean that it is difficult to know how soon the trustees will be able to return to the universities and Dheisheh to spend time with JAEP students.