April Anne returns to Al Quds & Bethlehem and stays in Dheisheh Camp Anne stayed in Dheisheh Camp and visited Al Quds University to spend time with the four students JAEP is currently sponsoring. Part of the meeting was videoed to enable supporters of the project to understand a bit more about their life in Dheisheh and also as a student. One of the young people (Aysar) of Dheisheh accompanied Anne on her visits to Al Quds & Bethlehem universities helping with both the video and also translating Arabic when needed. Aysar was a student in John’s class in 2003/4, we have got to know him during our many visits. We also walked round Dheisheh with the video camera

June Fund and Awareness evening in the garden of Bishop Graham and Mrs James The event on a warm summers evening was attended by over 100 people, began with wine and canapés, (sponsored by Waitrose) and a wander round the gardens. This was followed by Bishop Graham and Ben Bradshaw talking about the Palestinian situation They both highlighted the importance of grassroots projects like JAEP to give hope to the people and for them to know that their plight is not forgotten in the West. The evening ended with the video of Anne’s recent trip showing the houses and alley ways of Dheisheh, interviews with two of the students, and Aysar speaking of the influence of John on his life.

September JAEP receive their first legacy JAEP has received their first legacy. Miss Ean Dolan from Attleborough Church left the project a very generous legacy in her will. Ean and her sisters were very much part of the Aves family and stalwarts of Attleborough when John was the rector

Norwich Cathedral is continuing to sponsor Nabah Zehran for her third year

September Two more students from Dheisheh are funded by JAEP. The project has now funded ten young people to attend university