Project Milestones


December Bishop Graham James and Mrs Julie James selected a JAEP for theit 2017 Christmas card

October / November visit to Dheisheh and Al Quds to spend time with all eleven current and three past JAEP students. Anne Aves took three other people with her

September JAEP sponsored another four young people from Dheisheh to study an undergraduate degree at Al Quds University in East Jerusalem. JAEP has now funded twenty six young people


December JAEP has reached the huge milestone of raising over £100,000. The total is more than £107,000 of which £67,000 has been donated by individuals. Very big thanks to all our supporters

December JAEP raised over £800 from the sale of Christmas cards

November JAEP became an independent charity, charity number 1170414. Big thanks to Norfolk YMCA for supporting us from 2007

September JAEP finanially supported another five young people from Dheisheh to study at Al Quds University. JAEP has funded twenty two young people


December JAEP had reached an important fund raising milestone of over £90,000

December JAEP raised over £900 with the sale of Christmas Cards

October JAEP received its largest ever donation £15,000. This will be used to financially support a young person from Dheisheh to study for a degree in medicine

September JAEP financially supported a further three young people to study for a degree at Al Quds University. The total number of young people funded by JAEP is seventeen

September Anne spoke about JAEP at The Bethlehem Evening at Norwich Cathedral


December our first ever Christmas card sells out!
December an article in the local press about Anne's recent trip
November Anne returned for the sixth time to Dheisheh Camp; third time to Al Quds University to spend time with the eight students JAEP is currently sponsoring and two students who completed their studies in July 2014
October JAEP launches its first Christmas Card. The card feature an image if Madonna & Child made by women in Bethlehem from fragments of glass picked up in the streets there


April Anne returns to Al Quds & Bethlehem and stays in Dheisheh Camp Anne stayed in Dheisheh Camp and visited Al Quds University to spend time with the four students JAEP is currently sponsoring. Part of the meeting was videoed to enable supporters of the project to understand a bit more about their life in Dheisheh and also as a student. One of the young people (Aysar) of Dheisheh accompanied Anne on her visits to Al Quds & Bethlehem universities helping with both the video and also translating Arabic when needed.


Website went live


Second newsletter issued in February


Sponsoring first students from Al Quds University In February, two students from Al Quds have been selected, Nabah Zehran who is in her second year of a four year physics degree and Anan Nimer who is in the final semester of his four year law degree. Both young people live in Dheisheh and have volunteered in IBDAA. Anan completed his course in July. The project is continuing to fund Nabah



Newsletter published in May 2011


Website development begins in May 2011


Formalise application process for sponsoring young people



Bahaa In July achieved a distinction for Access to Humanities and Social Science at City College Norwich. In September awarded a three year Olive Tree Scholarship to study BA Journalism at City University in London.