Student Profiles


Hadeel is studying Bio Chemistry and fro a household of six, her four siblings are all at school. Her father died when she was ten and her mother is a housewife. She would like to study tissues (cancer), and is interested in disease prevention. Describes herself as ambitious despite hardships. In November 2018 we joined her for a class in anatomy and physiology, looking at the kidney. We also spent time with Hadeel in Ibdaa, and went to her house for a meal. Hadeel took us from Dheisheh to Al Quds University.


Lina is studying Special Education and from a household of six, two siblings at schol and herself and one other at university. Her father is a labourer. Lina is very interested in her field and wants to help disabled children and aspires to open a centre in the future. She was first attracted to the field when she met an autistic child and she felt she wanted to understand him. Describes herself as having "will". In November 2018 we meet Lina at both the university and Ibdaa


Arwa is studying Architectural Engineering, from a household of ten, although five are no longer at home. He father is a retired labourer. Arwa is interested in tourism and heritage as both are good for the economy. Likes reading about politics and watching war/history films. Likes to preserve Heritage and sees herself working in Palestine, Dubai or the US. Describes herself as courageous. Arwa is working on an architectural project with one of her tutors, who has his own practise. We joined Arwa for a CAD class in November 2018 and also spent time with her in Ibdaa.


Anwaar is studying Pharmacy from a household of nine, her father is a policeman. On graduation Anwaar would like to work in a pharmaceutical factory in order to manufacture new medicines. Anwaar describes herself as positive. In November 2018 we joined Anwaar for a class in Physiology. We also spent time with Anwaar in Ibdaa.


Reem is studying English and is from a household 8. Her father works in the education department at UNWRA in Hebron, and her mother is a nurse. Reem is interested in English as she is interested in press/media/tourism - tourist guide all which would enable her to talk about Palestine. Describes herself as a hopeful person. In November 2018, we joined Reem for a class in Literary Theory, critical analysis of the work of TS Eliot. We also spent time with Reem in Ibdaa .


Azhar is studying Nursing. From a very large household, 11 siblings but some are married and have their own homes. Her father has died. Three siblings are at school four at university. She said she would like to also teach nursing in the future. We spent time with Azhar during our time in Ibdaa in both November 2017 and 2018. In November 2017 Azhar and her mother and one sister called to see us many times in Ibdaa. In 2018 we had a meal together with her mother, one sister and were also joined by a married sister and two of her children.


Hiba is studying Dentistry and from a household of seven including parents and siblings. Her father is a retired teacher so they live off his pension. She describes herself as optimistic. She would like to work at a dentist's clinic and then to hopefully have her own. She would like to pursue further studies and might specialise in child dentistry. She is keen on being a specialist to deal with difficult cases. We joined Hiba for a class Dental Anaesthesia in November 2018, and spent time with Hiba at the university and Ibdaa in both 2017 and 2018.


Areej is studying Pharmacy, and from a household of seven, her parents, three sisters, 1 brother and herself. Her brother provides income earner on irregular basis. Her father is unwell and not working. Areej had to take a gap year because they could not get money for tuition fees. She described herself as defiant to challenges. She enjoys chemistry and would like to be able to go into drug manufacturing in the future - invent a useful medicine and have her imprint on it. She would like to obtain higher studies and have her own pharmacy one day.


Leen is studying Electrical Engineering and is from a household of 7 4 siblings (3 at school, 1 at university) and herself. Her father is a carpenter and her mother is a housewife. Leen is passionate about volunteering and her studies - said good electricity infrastructure is something that her community lacks and needs. She also likes physics. She would like to become an electrical engineer and have her small office and own projects focusing on electricity infrastructure. Her course is in the Dual Studies Department, sponsored originally by the German Government.


Nasser is studying Medicine and is from a household of 7 (4 sisters all at school). Is father is a blacksmith and his mother a housewife. Nasser wants to help people by improving healthcare provided to the community. He is interested in vascular surgery. He described himself as someone who always works for the best. We had lunch with Nasser at Al Quds University in November 2017 and spent time drinking coffee with him in Ibdaa in November 2018.