Student Profiles


Dana is studying Dentistry and is from a household of 8 (5 siblings;.4 at school; 2 at university). Her father is an Arabic teacher. Describes herself as honest & patient. Likes her subject as it is a mix between medicine and dentistry. She would like to make dental services affordable to people in Palestine. She is interested in specialising in preventative dentistry in the future. We met Dana in November 2017 and 2018.


Nedee is studying Midwifery and is married with two children (boy and girl). She described herself as ambitious. She likes nursing because she likes to help people. Nedee thinks nursing is important to Palestine because of the conflict. On graduation She would like to work at the French hospital or Makassed hospital in Bethlehem. We met Nedee in November 2017 and 2018.


Laith is studying Nursing. From a household of 6 (4 siblings. 1 at school; 1 at university and 2 are at home with chronic illnesses). His father died 4 years ago and mother is at home not working. Laith works on construction sites at times in order to cover his transportation fees. He described himself as someone who wants to excel, as ambitious. He feels nursing is important to Palestine, his father was in hospital for 2 years before he passed away. We met Laith in November 2018 and 2019


Wala is studying Pharmacy. From a household of 9 (6 siblings. 2 at school 3 at uni; the 6th is married). Her father is a builder and her mother is a housewife. Wala describes herself as daring yet fearful. She is interested in pharmacy in order to prescribe the right medicine which many pharmacies do not do. She would like to own/run a pharmaceutical company in the future as there are so many pharmacies in Palestine.
During the November 2017 visit Wala helped us set the JAEP Facebook page. We spent time with Wala in November 2018, and join her class in Industrial Pharmacy


Rasha in class Al Quds University November 2014
Rasha, Anne and Fadi at Al Quds University November 2014

Rasha is in her final year of a degree in Biology at Al Quds University Bards College. Bard College has partnered with Bard College located in Hudson US.

Degree courses have a similar structure to US degrees, i.e. the students study a major subject and a range of minors.

Rasha has enjoyed being able to broaden her knowledge by studying politics, media and other subjects as minors

After her degree course Rasha plans to study for an MSc in Bio Diversity. Because her country doesn't have much awareness of the importance of environmental issues 


Amal and Anne in IBDAA November 2014
Amal & Anne in class at Al Quds University November 2014

Amal is studying Medical Laboratory Sciences and would like to work in a hospital lab in Bethlehem

Anne joined Amal for two classes organic chemistry and cell biology.

Amal spoke of working very hard to prepare for many exams


Khalil and other students in hospital clinic Al Quds University November
Khalil & Anne in IBDAA

Anne joined Khalil for his practical session in a neonatal ward at Bethlehem Hospital. He and another student were looking after a newly born twin who had been born with a cleft palette

Khalil talked about choosing nursing so he would be able to look after sick people. 

He has had to break his studies a number of times to help his father supplement the family income


Nihal and Anne in IBDAA at Dheisheh November 2014
Nihal and Anne in dentistry class at Al Quds University

Anne joined Nihal for one of her classes, an introduction to dentistry at Al Quds University in November 2014. The class was taught by the Head of the Department. He delivered a very interactive lively session.

Nihal would like to open a dentistry practice in Dheisheh when she completes her degree


Anne and Nibal at Al Quds University
Nibal & Anne her home in Dheisheh November 2014

Nibal is studying Computer Science. She has 4 siblings and her father is employed. During Anne's recent visit they spent time swapping stories of different computer programming languages. Anne taught Computer Programming for many years at City College Norwich.

In November Nibal spoke of her plans to study for a masters degree specialising in games programming. On completion of her masters Nibal spoke of starting her own business producing computer games.

Marwah (pictured on the left) in Dheisheh March 2014

Marwah sitting on left hand side
Marwa & Anne in a lab November 2014

Marwa has five siblings and is studying medicine. She would like to work as a doctor, specialising in gynaecology, to be able to help the women of Dheisheh when she is qualified. Marwa's father is a social worker.

Marwa feels more girls have applied to our scholarship than boys, because girls work harder and achieve higher grades at school than boys!

In November Anne joined Marwa for one of her practical classes in a laboratory, picture included