Student Profiles


Layla & Anne Al Quds University Nov 2014

Layla will be supported for two years until the completion of her Midwifery degree.  Layla chose midwifery because she enjoys being able to help women and their babies. Midwifery is not offered at Bethlehem University.

Layla is a volunteer with Diabetes Friends Society, especially in providing emotional support to children with Diabetes. And also in the area of palliative care especially in the care of young children with cancer and mothers who have developed breast cancer. 


Mai & Anne in her home in Dheisheh

Mai is being funded for the last year of her degree course. During the summer Mai volunteers in IBDAA helping with volleyball and basketball.



Anne and Fadi at Al Quds
Fadi in class Nov 2014

Fadi who has four siblings is studying biology and would like to go on to a master degree. His father has a weak heart and is unable to work, his mother works as a cleaner for UN in Jerusalem. When I visited their home in November 2014 his father was recovering from a recent heart operation. 

Fadi has volunteered with IBDAA football teams and now volunteers in other centres in Dheisheh who produce street theatre, dance to provide entertainment to local groups



Anne and Naba at Al Quds University

Naba has done exceptionally well and completed a four year degree in three years. Thanks in part to being able to concentrate fully on her studies because JAEP had paid her fees.

Naba started a MSc Physics also at Al Quds in September 2013


Anne and Anan in IBDAA

Anan graduated with a BA Law degree in July 2012. He is now studying for a MSc Law at Beizeit University. Anan's father is a doctor, he has six siblings