Student Videos

Hiba Dentistry

Hiba is in her final year of studying an undergraduate degree in Dentistry at Al Quds University

Leen Electrical Engineering

Leen is in her final year studying Electrical Engineering at Al Quds University. The course includes placements at local universities

Aysar talks about JAEP

Aysar talks about the importance of JAEP. He explains that his father and John showed him the importance of choosing education as the way of dealing with the occupation rather than either violence or mental illness. Aysar was one of the young boys taught by John in IBDAA. 

April 2013, November 2014, November 2017 and November 2018

JAEP visits are divided between Al Quds University and Dheisheh Camp. At the university time is spent with JAEP students, joining them for their classes and meeting their tutors. At Dheisheh more time is spent with the students and also their families.

 This video begins with the journey on a service taxi from Bethlehem to Al Quds University. The film also includes footage of the streets of Dheisheh and grounds of Al Quds University.

Fadi Biology (second part of the conversation)

Video filmed in IBDAA within Dheisheh November 2014

Fadi is in his third and final year of a degree in Biology. When he has completed his degree he would like to study for a masters degree in UK or else where in europe.

He explains that there are more girls than boys in the camp, and also that the girls have less freedom than boys and so more time and willingness to complete applications!

He describes going through the checkpoint on the way to Al Quds University. And how this can be unpredictable especially if there has been a recent eruption of trouble 

Fadi Biology (first part of the conversation)

The first part of a conversation with Fadi which took place in IBDAA, Dheisheh Camp in November 2014

Fadi talks about his course, why he chose to study at Al Quds Bard University and his plans to progress to postgraduate study, with the aspiration to become a professor at local universities.

Nihal Dentistry

Video filmed at IBDAA in Dheisheh November 2014

Nihal is in the second year of a five year course in Dentistry. The course is available at Al Quds University but not Bethlehem. Nihal chose dentistry because her view is that this offers more career options for girls than medicine.

Nihal plans to open a dentistry clinic in Dheisheh because currently there isnt one. 

Nihal thinks more girls applied for our scholarship than boys because, boys have more freedom and opportunities, including being able to earn money to support their studies.

Marwa Medicine

Video filmed at IBDAA in Dheisheh November 2014

Marwa is in her third year of studying a seven year degree in Medicine. Medicine is not available at Bethlehem University.

Marwa feels medicine is the best science in the world because it can help people and save lives. After her degree Marwa plans to specialise in gynaecology so she can help women

She describes her journey to the university and her desire to never be late for a class which means she leaves home early

Rasha Biology

Filmed at IBDAA in Dheisheh November 2014

Rasha is in her third and final year studying biology at Bards College based at Al Quds University. She chose to study at Bards because they have a US system, i.e. the student study a major subject and then select a number of minors.

Rasha has enjoyed for example Politics and Media and feels the structure of the course has enabled her to extend her knowledge. After her degree she plans to study for a master in bio-diversity, and is especially interested in the impact of politics on environmental issues