Student Videos

Mai Sports

Conversation conducted between, Mai, her sister and Anne at her home in Dheisheh November 2014. Anne went to the home of Mai, her husband and young daughter for a meal and spoke after this. Mai answered the questions in arabic, her responses were then translated into english by her sister, see accompanying video.

Mai plays basket ball, volley ball, table tennis for both IBDAA and Al Quds University. Mai is also part of IBDAA dance troupe.

Sister of Mai

The sister of Mai translates the conversation between Mai and Anne which took place at the home, in Dheisheh, of Mai, her husband and baby daughter in November 2014

Mohammad brother of Khalil Physiotherapy

Mohammad is a second year physiotherapy student at Al Quds University. He chose the subject because he enjoys helping people to get better. After his degree he would like to study for a masters degree in neurology.

Mohammad's view is that JAEP is sponsoring more girls than boys because girls are smarter than boys!

He described a very long journey home on the day that checkpoints were closed because of trouble in Jerusalem, leaving the university at 4pm and finally arriving home at 11.30pm. Most of the time he and others were just waiting at the checkpoint. 

Hzanan Nursing

Hzanan is a friend of Mohammad the brother of Khalil. Hzanan is a second year nursing student. He chose nursing because he enjoys helping people, more people have needed help because of the war. After his degree he would like to travel and gain a masters degree before returning to nurse.

He chose Al Quds University because the course includes practical training for example helping with clinics at the local hospital. 

Nibal Computer Engineering

Nibal is in the third year of a five year computer engineering course. She especially enjoys games programming.

Filmed at Al Quds University in April 2013


Naba studying Physics

Video filmed at Al Quds University in April 2013

Naba talks about her family and studying. Much of the conversation, including her experiences of travelling from Dheisheh to Al Quds University to study, which includes passing through a checkpoint, is in Arabic.

I met Naba again in November 2014, I joined her to hear a presentation she was delivering to her MSc Physics class. Naba told me the story she told on the video, she was with some friends and was stopped at the checkpoint, 

Marwah studying Medicine

Marwah talks about her family and studying. Marwah describes why she feels training as a Doctor will really help the people of Dheisheh.

Video filmed at Al Quds University in April 2013


JAEP students at Al Quds University

Filmed in April 2013, in Dheisheh Camp, Al Quds University and the bus journey from Bethlehem to Al Quds. Interviews with Anan, Fadi, Marwah, Naba, Nibal