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Eastern Daily Press, East Anglian and Norwich Evening article by Derek James

Thank you to Derek James for writing an article for both Norfolk and Suffolk local newspapers. Perfect timing for Christmas.

JAEP celebrates 10 years

Derek James writes 'How Father John's legacy continues in Jerusalem. John had been on a three-month sabbatical with a Quaker organization helping vulnerable communities, monitoring and reporting human rights issues. He had told me at the time: “Imagine living in Wymondham and not being allowed to go to school or work in Norwich. Just imagine.”

Within his role he found he had the opportunity to live and volunteer in Dheisheh Palestinian Refugee Camp, the largest of the three camps in Bethlehem with more than 13,000 residents of whom half are under aged under 24.

Book launch for Bishop Graham Lent Factor

Bishop Graham has written a lent book for 2015, the book contains 40 chapters for 40 (deceased) people who have had an impact on his life. One of the 40 people is John Aves. An article about the book launch appeared in the EDP/Evening News in December. 

Newspaper article of the November visit to Dheisheh & Al Quds University

A street in Dheisheh

A report of Anne's November 2014 visit to Dheisheh & Al Quds University to spend time with the ten students we've sponsored.

The article appeared in the Evening News on 15 December 2014 & EDP on 24 December 2014.

15 January 2014 article in EDP by Derek James

20 May 2013 article in EDP by Derek James

World of Faith in Norfolk Interview - May 2012

One Family's Mission of Hope - June 2009, Eastern Daily Press

"Charismatic Norfolk cleric John Aves found his calling in a Palestinian refugee camp. Now, five years after his death, his family are ensuring his legacy of hope endures as a memorial to his faith."

Rachel Buller, Eastern Daily Press, Sunday 20 June 2009.

5 June 2007 article in EDP by Rowan Mantell

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