Visits to Dheisheh, Bethlehem & Jerusalem

Return visit to Dheisheh and Al Quds University

Anne and three other JAEP supporters visited Dheisheh and Al Quds University in November 2017. As in previous visits we joined the young people for their class at the university. While at the university we aslo meet their tutors. When we were staying at Dheisheh we spent more time with the students and also their families.

November 2017 Anne returns to Dheisheh and Al Quds University

Young people outside Ibdaa

Anne returned to Dheisheh Palestinian Camp and Al Quds University for her seventh visit in November. A trustee, and two other supporters joined the visit.
As in previous visits we spent time with JAEP current and past students. Joining them for some of the classes, meeting their tutors and also their families.

November 2014 Anne returns to Dheisheh & Al Quds University

Al Quds University

Anne spent the first six days at Al Quds University, spending the time meeting and joining the classes of the students we are currently sponsoring and also students who we did sponsor who are now studying for masters degrees

Anne also spent time with tutors at the university talking about teaching,learning and assessment. The visit also included meeting with the President and Heads of Faculty at Al Quds University.

April 2013

Al Quds University gate

Anne returned in April 2013 to spend time in Dheisheh, with the staff and young people, to meet the students the project is sponsoring and to spend time with the teaching staff at Al Quds and Bethlehem Universities

November 2011

Anne returns to Dheisheh to meet Bahaa's family and the people of IBDAA. To meet the two students we were sponsoring at Bethlehem University. Also to meet teaching staff at Bethlehem and Al Quds (arabic for Jerusalem) Universities

June 2009

Bahaa's father

Anne and Ed return to Dheisheh to meet Bahaa and his family. We also spent time in IBDAA with the adults and young people who John had worked with

September 2008

Ed returns to Dheisheh and spends a month living in IBDAA

February 2007

Dheisheh Camp

Anne, Ben & Ed return to Dheisheh to discuss plans to fund young people from IBDAA to continue their education

January 2004

Yasser Arafat with Anne, Ben and Edmund

Anne, Ben & Ed visit Dheisheh to spend time with the people in IBDAA. We also met the Archbishop of Canterbury & Yasser Arafat