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The John Aves Education Project seeks the advancement of education for the public benefit by offering undergraduate grants to the disadvantaged young people from Dheisheh Palestinian Refugee Camp and its vicinity in Bethlehem who demonstrate academic and community achievements but whose financial and social situation hinders them from pursuing undergraduate study within Palestinian universities. From 2007 to October 2020 we have raised £413030 and funded 57 young people which has enabled them to achieve an undergraduate degree.


The JAEP Candle card has sold out! Just a few packs of the Manger remain!

The Candle card has sold out! Just a few packs of the Manger remain!

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JAEP Autumn 2020 Newsletter

JAEP Autumn 2020 Newsletter has been published!

The two topics are:

JAEP scholarship allocation for 2020-2021
JAEP Christmas Cards

JAEP Scholarships for 2020-2021

Group February 2020

JAEP scholarship for 2020-2021

September is the time of year when we allocate funding to young people living in Dheisheh Palestinian Refugee Camp, Bethlehem to study at their local universities. We often refer to this as the harvest of our year. The acute need to support students was starker this year (the situation has been impacted by Covid-19 as well as the deteriorating economic and political situation).

Our Approach

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We provide scholarships to bright and disadvantaged young people to fulfil their potential and continue their education in their own communities. - The Project works with universities in the Holy Land to identify deserving students from Dheisheh Refugee Camp capable of making a positive impact. - We continue to develop our links with other communities in the Holy Land to ensure we identify the most appropriate students. Students are selected on their merits, tutor's references, and their contribution to their communities through voluntary work.