Student Letters

Maysa final year of funding

Anne spent time with Maysa and Jane at Bethlehem University in November 2011


Maysa was funded to study BA Education at Bethlehem University

Student Profiles


Hadeel is studying Bio Chemistry and fro a household of six, her four siblings are all at school. Her father died when she was ten and her mother is a housewife. She would like to study tissues (cancer), and is interested in disease prevention. Describes herself as ambitious despite hardships. In November 2018 we joined her for a class in anatomy and physiology, looking at the kidney. We also spent time with Hadeel in Ibdaa, and went to her house for a meal. Hadeel took us from Dheisheh to Al Quds University.


Lina is studying Special Education and from a household of six, two siblings at schol and herself and one other at university. Her father is a labourer. Lina is very interested in her field and wants to help disabled children and aspires to open a centre in the future. She was first attracted to the field when she met an autistic child and she felt she wanted to understand him. Describes herself as having "will". In November 2018 we meet Lina at both the university and Ibdaa


Arwa is studying Architectural Engineering, from a household of ten, although five are no longer at home. He father is a retired labourer. Arwa is interested in tourism and heritage as both are good for the economy. Likes reading about politics and watching war/history films. Likes to preserve Heritage and sees herself working in Palestine, Dubai or the US. Describes herself as courageous. Arwa is working on an architectural project with one of her tutors, who has his own practise. We joined Arwa for a CAD class in November 2018 and also spent time with her in Ibdaa.